The story of my watch

Sunday, 20 July 2014
I love my watch.  It's a bit scuffed but it's mine and it has memories attached to it.

You see, I bought it when we were on honeymoon.  I've talked about it before and although I know we really OUGHT to go elsewhere next time we go on holiday abroad (about 2020 I reckon!), I can't help but long for it.  I think that Mr K is probably looking to go to Spain next time though.

The watch was bought in a little underground shop right by Santa Maria Novella station in Florence.  It caught my eye and I just couldn't help but buy it on our last day in Florence.  It's been on my wrist ever since.  It's a Fossil watch and I've not seen anything like it since, although I've kept a bit of an eye out just in case I have to replace it.  The Watch Hut is one of those places that I've been keeping an eye on as the prices are so good!

I know, I know, watches can be irritating - when working on my laptop I always take it off.  I know also that I could get the time from any manner of other places - my phone, my laptop or any other way but I don't a lot of the time.  As a teacher, I can't keep getting my phone out and I can't always rely on our electronic clocks that are supposed to always be right.

My wrist feels wrong without it and I am super aware of it all day if I don't have it.

So what's the story with your watch?  Do you wear one or not?

On a different note, I'm aware that we are heading for our fifth wedding anniversary.  My Dad is going to have D overnight and we will probably go to the cinema and have a meal out to celebrate.  It turns out that 5 years is wood.  I think we might be spending the day after putting up Eggy's cot - does that count?!?

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