Review of Thornton's Gifts for Her and Gifts for Him range

Friday, 5 September 2014
When Thorntons got in touch to offer something from their Gifts for Her and the Gifts for Him range, I jumped at the chance, unsurprisingly...! I've been told in the past that chocolate helps with iron absorption - so it's not just something that I want, it is something that I need, right?

Even the packaging is beautiful - no boring basic boxes but this lovely design that immediately makes me think of chocolate.  

I'm a bit sad to discover that since they sent them to me, the coconut melts (from the gifts for him range) have been removed from their online shop - they are worth searching out.  Covered in a good amount of chocolate it is the centre that is really special - properly coconutty and soft.  It's good to see such a good range of dark chocolate available too - I don't really think of Thorntons as being a dark chocolate maker.  I've had to reverse my opinion (although I'd personally like to see more of the dark chocolate range on the 'gifts for her' range).

Great with a cup of raspberry leaf tea.  Probably even nicer with a cup of coffee!

The Summer is Here collection is still available on the site and is a fantastic deal at £24.99 - although it isn't still on the gifts for her range.  It contains a LOT of chocolate and features a lot of fruity summer options - perfect to try and combat the way that the weather has turned.  Also perfect as a bit of a celebration - the chocolate champagne bottle seems well timed with Eggy's appearance due this month.

We delved quickly into the fruit batons - the dark raspberry ones were my favourite but the white lemon ones are also rather zesty.

The Summer collection has also gone down well - a collection of very fruity chocolates that don't feature any of those ones that nobody really wants (I'm afraid that Turkish delight and I DO NOT get on chocolate makers - if it could be eradicated, that'd be grand...) There are some delightfully different flavours here - Raspberry and mascarpone which carries just a hint of raspberry within the creamy centre.  I'm not a massive blueberry or white chocolate fan but the blueberry cheesecake does taste like cheesecake without the biscuity bit.  The lemon meringue successfully contains a saucy inner that you need to eat gently to avoid it spilling out.  The only one I felt could have had a stronger flavour to it was the chocolate lime - but I had had a very limey guacamole earlier in the day (recipe for this and quesadillas to follow next week!).

Mr K's fallback for presents is often the Continental Collection, so it's a box that we know quite well. Particular favourites are the nutty ones - the Diplomat and the praliney ones are by far the best.  I'm also rather fond of the coffee chocolate which always gets left for me.

We haven't managed to try everything yet - although we've made a good dent in the collection!  I know that Mr K will greatly enjoy the citrusy chocolate bags - I'm less keen on these and so will let him delve in.  I'm not really that fussed about plain milk chocolate either, so the champagne bottle and the signature chocolates will be popular with both Mr K and D, I'm sure.  Unsurprisingly, the coconut ones mentioned in the opening have all disappeared - if I can ever get my mitts on them again I'll be hiding them!  Now that I know about the Irresistible range, I'm going to make a beeline for the dark chocolate salted caramels when I need a bit of a pick me up.

I was sent these products for the purpose of review.  All words and opinions are my own.

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