She's here!

Sunday, 21 September 2014
'Eggy' has arrived!  Henceforth, she'll be known as 'R'.  R was a name chosen by D - I had a list of five names, Mr K rejected three of them and D chose out of the remaining two.

KneadWhine is likely to be quiet for a bit while we try to get to grips with our new, larger, family.  I had hoped to pre-schedule a load of posts but I've been trying to give as much attention as possible to D and to trying to take every opportunity to not do a lot.

D is loving his new role as a big brother and runs to try and help her every time she cries.  He has also started saying 'I know, I know' to try and soothe her - definitely copying me!

He started at school on Friday so her arrival on Monday couldn't be much more perfect - a bit of time to spend with her before his next big step.  I'll be sharing some photos of that once I've edited out the logo of the school out of the pictures.

My very first day!

My brother on meeting me. 

Me seeing my brother off to school.  

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