Review of Enail's gift box

Friday, 19 December 2014
When Enail got in contact and asked to send a package of their nail varnish for review, I jumped at the chance.

Who doesn't want to get nail varnish with their name on it? 

So... I settled in to take a look at the website and make my choices. The website is easy to use - offering you a drag and drop function to choose your different colours. Slightly more difficult on the phone than the computer... but doable. You can also highlight the bottle and click on the colours you want if that is proving tricky.  

I spent a good while looking at colours but ultimately decided on Jumping Jade, Distant Galaxy and Entrapment.  I then chose my box and finally the text to go on the varnishes to personalise them - I like to do things out of order.  

... and I was procrastinating about what exactly I wanted my text to be.  Eventually I decided that a bit of me time was what I wanted - doing my nails properly is feeling like a proper treat.  I did manage to completely ruin one set (and an item of R's clothing) as she woke up and needed a cuddle halfway through painting last week... 

Enail's delivery was quick - I ordered late on Monday and it was set to arrive on Thursday.  Given that the post is a little slow at the moment, I think that's pretty good.  I did have one little blip in the fact that it was a bit too big to get through the letterbox and trying to pick up packages/ be in for redirection is really difficult.  I attempted to pick it up three times from the depot but couldn't face the queues.  I can't help but wonder if the packaging could be tweaked a little to get through the door more easily but that is really a minor quibble.  Each order comes with a free bottle of topcoat, sent in this lovely little bag.

When I got my mitts on the package,  I was really impressed with the look of it.  The box is beautiful - a great gift! 

Once I got inside I was really drawn to Jumping Jade.  It reminds me a bit of a favourite polish of mine - Models Own Top Turquoise.  I was impressed with the quality of the polish - I only needed one coat to get a good finish. Personally I like my brushes to be a little bit thicker but again, a minor quibble. 

Jumping Jade: - 

 With a bit of Essie's Set in Stones to provide a bit of Christmassy sparkle: -

I have yet to try Entrapment.  I tested the Distant Galaxy one and I'm not quite sure it's the colour for me.  It needs a couple of coats and is a bit less glossy than Jumping Jade.  

The gift box sells for £19.95, meaning £6.65 per bottle - more like £5 if you include the topcoat in the calculations.  A good price given the personalised labels and the packaging.  Even better, Enail are offering a 10% discount offer to readers of KneadWhine if you use the code DISC10, making those four bottles more like £4.50 each.  Bargain!    

Enail sent me this box for the purposes of review - all of the words and opinions are my own.  

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