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Thursday, 1 January 2015
It's been a busy year for those of us living at KneadWhine towers with Mr K's job becoming permanent, D starting school and R growing and being born.  It actually feels like madness that she wasn't here with us this time last year.

KneadWhine has also made a bit of a conscious shift.  Whilst KneadWhine will always be about food and I hope it is a predominant feature, the kids have come to the fore a bit.  Kind of a good thing I guess, as very little of the top ten comes from food posts.  2015 is likely to be more of the same.  At some, currently undecided point, I'll start with propoints recipes again.  Slightly more reliably, I'm going to be talking about baby led weaning from March onwards.  Oh... and I might also be running a food blog challenge from one of my favourite blogs out there.

So... this time of year is all about reflection.  What were the top posts of the year?  What ones stand out for you?  I guess that there are different ways this could be quantified but I'm just going to go for which ones were viewed the most.  They must also have been written this year.  If you want to know what was most popular overall, it's this Philly post which just keeps gathering the hits.

Here are posts #10-6 in quickish succession: -

In at 10 was a post I subtitle Herbies Pizza Fail.  Nothing more ever came of this, beyond me complete irritation with their customer 'service', a report to Wokingham environmental health and the fact that my teeth are set on edge every time they text me one of their deals.  Unfortunately I'm incapable of removing myself from their mailing list.  I have not bought from them again and never will.  Slow service from a local Chinese stopped me using them for about eighteen months.  Giving me chicken rather than paneer means I will never use you again.

Post #9 was my favourite recipe of the year.  Possibly not Mr K's as it made for the dirtiest pan of the year but Edible Mosaic's Dal Makhani is definitely the one that I've dreamed of making again.

We were talking about post #8 only today.  D's fourth birthday party was a pizza making party at Pizza Express.  D loved it so much that he's keen to have exactly the same party for his fifth birthday party.  I was kind of stunned to discover that he doesn't remember some of his friends from preschool at all any more.  He only left preschool five months ago.

In at #7 was my first post of 2014.  I am quite saddened that the Lifestyle centre has closed in Reading.  I guess that when I return to WeightWatchers it will probably be as an online member as I can't see there being a convenient way to do it with meetings.

My only other recipe of the top ten comes in at #6 and it is also one that I've tried from another blog.  The Chipotle Black Bean Burgers from Oh My Veggies were really popular with D and really ought to be made again soon.

My fifth most popular post was my round up of Change bags.  I never actually wrote about what I ended up with but it featured a little green dog.  I love it - when you only use one bag for almost a year, it needs to be a good one.

I'm not really surprised that sharing that Eggy/R is a girl came into the top four.  Finding out what gender a baby is seems to be one of the most popular posts out there.  If anything, I'm slightly surprised that it didn't feature in the top three.

The top three has changed in the last couple of weeks.  Knocked down to position #3 was my review of the new breakfast offering from Graze.  I have to be honest, I'm currently not subscribing to the breakfast boxes but I do still have the snack ones for me and I get a fortnightly kids one for D too.  The kale and edamame snack is a definite win.

If I left it another couple of weeks, I suspect that post #2 could have gone in at number 1.  This post has been storming ahead of the others despite only being up for less than a month.  It's the review of Mamas and Papas Armadillo Flip.  I'm pleased it's getting good coverage.  It's a good buggy.

So we finally reach #1.  It's another rant - this time at the ridiculous situation I found myself in at M and S cafe when I wanted to get D a smoothie rather than a juice.  Despite their bolshy response on Twitter and the disagreement in store, their signage now clearly includes the smoothie as a drink... so who knows if that was as a result or if there was some miscommunication somewhere.

So that's my 2014.  I wish all of my readers the best for 2015.  What are you looking forward to the most?

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