Pasta Please roundup February 2015

Sunday, 1 March 2015
At the beginning of the month I launched Pasta Please.  This is a blog challenge devised by Jacqueline from Tinned Tomatoes, where food bloggers can share their vegetarian pasta recipes.  The theme for the month was dishes that could get to the table in twenty minutes.  What a bumper crop I got too!

Pesto was definitely the word of the month, with three entrants.  First up, from Family, Friends, Food comes this extremely tasty Cavolo Nero and Hazelnut Pesto.

The second pesto was one from Ness at JibberJabberUK.  This one was Basil and almond and didn't feature cheese which is a new one on me.  I love almond though, so I think I'll be giving it a go!  

The trio was finished up by my own pesto recipe: - Rocket and Walnut

Next up was this really interesting pasta idea from Chardonnay and Samphire: - Pasta with creamy pepper and sundried tomato sauce.  It features avocado to make it creamy and I'm a sucker for rocket on top of any dish.  

Spices Galore shared this dish with really pretty pasta: - Campanelle pasta with cauliflower.  It's also a win because it features roasted cauliflower, which I adore.  

Using a similar kind of pasta is this great recipe from VegHog: - Fusilli with Roasted Tomatoes.  I'm going to be making this one very soon.  What's not to love with the combination of roasted tomatoes and mozzarella.  I think that D would really like this too.  Particularly if I served it with garlic bread as it is here!

Finally, here's Janet from Taste Space's take on the challenge with Asian veggie noodles.  I really can't get on with tofu but this looks so amazing that I might have to give it another try!

Thanks so much to all of the entrants and to Jac for letting me host - it's been great!

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