Review: The new M and S American range

Thursday, 12 March 2015
Sometimes, brown food is the way forward.  If it involves some kind of cheese, even more to the good.

When we saw that the M and S American range was on an introductory offer, we decided to give it a go.

The first issue - probably unsurprisingly - is that there isn't a whole lot of vegetarian choice.  Other than the pictured options, we could have bought stuffed jalapeño peppers or breaded mushrooms.  There's a lot of breadcrumbs on that list.  Probably not a great surprise.

Anyhow - from left to right: -

The Sweetcorn and Jalapeño bites were the only option on the table that wasn't something wrapped in breadcrumbs.  They came with a rather mild chilli ketchup.  I liked the idea of these as they were something a bit different from the norm.  I felt that there was a bit too much filler in these - not enough sweetcorn and not enough jalapeño for me to feel satisfied.  However, they were interesting and I did like that they were inventive.  Although they are labelled as Hush Puppies, they don't seem to be traditional ones.

The Mac and Cheese bites intrigued me.  While I balk a bit at pasta wrapped in breadcrumbs I had to give it a go.  They are definitely an American mac and cheese in flavour and bizarrely tasted very light.  I guess that's the twice cooked pasta for you.  These were the most difficult to eat as they squidged and fell apart in my hands.  They did go reasonably well with the tomato sauce - but it's pretty hard to get a tomato sauce wrong.

The mozzarella sticks came with the same sauce.  They were pretty good, firm mozzarella rather than melty which is unusual but I quite liked it.

All in, I can't say I was particularly blown away by the American range which is a shame.  I do like M and S food normally.  The Italian range and the vegetarian range are excellent.  I'm interested to see what ranges come out in the future but I don't think we'll be getting these ones again.

I served with garlic rice for a full on carb fest.

I paid for the products mentioned in this review myself.

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