What Roo ate this week: - BLW inspiration week 1

Saturday, 21 March 2015
Roo has had a pretty busy week on new tastes.  I don't have a lot of notes really on what worked and what didn't because Roo really has just eaten everything that's been put in front of her.  Here's a round up of some of the food she's tried: -

Homemade houmous has featured a lot this week.  Although D loved it as a baby, he's now decided he only wants the shop bought stuff... which is a shame.  Anyhow, to make this, drain a can of chickpeas, reserving some of the liquid, mince a garlic clove, juice half a lemon, add a tablespoon of tahini, a tablespoon of natural yoghurt and a half tablespoon of olive oil.  Blitz all ingredients and add in a little of the liquid if you prefer a thinner consistency.  I served it three ways this week - in sandwiches, on toast and even on a spoon.  A messy adventure.  She seemed to like the handle of the spoon more than the bowl but she did have a little bit that way.

Eggy bread - this is something that D discovered very recently and LOVES.  I can't blame him.  Roo seemed pretty taken by it too.  It's a perfect early food. Soft and takes away that slightly gluey aspect that bread can have.  I made this using a plain white loaf I'd made - with no salt or sugar.  I served this with strawberries, cut into halves.  These need to be ripe - Roo has found it challenging when they are harder.  Later in the week I tried her on whole strawberries and she actually got in better with that - digging her thumb in to help her hold it.

Mini shredded wheats soaked in full fat milk have been a bit of a winner - the slight difficulty is catching them before they go too soggy.  They do have the benefit of retaining their shape reasonably well and Roo does well to push the wheats from one hand into the other.

Home made rosti with home made tomato ketchup.  I want to work on the recipes for both of these before sharing.  Hopefully I can make the ketchup a bit more appealing to D - I'd love to get him off the bottle...

Lemony Aubergine Pasta sauce and rotelle pasta.  I had planned penne or something of a similar nature but Roo coped very well with this shape.

Mini hot cross bun.  These do half a very small amount of salt in them but given that she hasn't had any other, I felt it was okay.

She's had a tiny bit of brie and quite a lot of avocado.  Definitely my child.

The final shot I want to leave you with is this - Roo with veggie polenta loaf which I'll be sharing the recipe of in an upcoming post.  I love that she always tries things, gives the most disgusted look and then gets on with it.


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