Returning to WeightWatchers

Thursday, 30 April 2015
I determined this time that I wouldn't leave it so long to tackle the baby weight (nearly three years last time).  I determined that I'd start in on it after Christmas.

April still counts as after Christmas, right?  Right?

I decided ultimately that I wanted to wait until Roo was weaning to get started and really, when I'm struggling to think straight because I've been woken up several times a night, preparing proper food from scratch - which is the best way to do this programme - wasn't really high on the agenda.  Instead, chocolate hobnobs and Marks and Spencer's ready meals were the saviour of the day.

No more.  I decided a week ago that it was time to take charge.  As I'm now making lots of food from scratch for Roo, it was time to get on with tackling that weight that hasn't magically disappeared...

Over time, I've felt more and more that the low fat versions of things aren't the way forward, so I'm aiming to make myself the same food as Roo (as she has to have full fat) but be careful about portion sizes.  As I'm still partially feeding her, I'm entitled to an extra 7 points a day which has helped me to feel that I'm easing in.

I won't lie, days one and two I totally considered giving up.  I was hungry, Roo was massively fussy and I just didn't know if I could keep it up.  I considered giving up on day four too, when D woke up with chicken pox and I ended up being housebound for four days pretty much.  I did manage a sneaky pint of cider (in budget) on Saturday night.

I'm proud to say that I kept it together though, relying on my back catalogue of propoints recipes, including this very popular Mexican chickpea soup which kept me going for three lunch times last week.

Tuesday was my first weigh in: -

Given some of the troubles I faced this week, I'm ever so happy with that.  It feels like a good solid start.  

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