Asparagus and Pecorino Shortbread: Cookbook Challenge #8

Thursday, 28 May 2015
I'm a few weeks behind with sharing my cookbook challenge endeavours and have therefore not posted for any new ones in a bit.  I've decided to try and make it a fortnightly thing rather than a weekly thing.  While I'm liking the challenges, writing about them is making it harder for me to share other things I've been doing both inside and outside of the kitchen.

Anyway, with that piece of business out of the way, on with the challenge!  This week, the recipe was chosen by Ciara at Our Little House in the Country.  She's recently posted a great round up of tips for how to travel with children.

Asparagus with Pecorino Shortbread intrigued me.  Ever since seeing Salt and Pepper Shortbread I've wondered about making savoury shortbread but never quite got around to it.  Now I've made it and discovered just how easy it was, I'm sold on the idea.  Roo had it for lunch the following two day and loved it.  A little crumbly and messy but popular.

Where this doesn't really win out is the propoints.  The dressing worked out at 4pp a serving alone - even with cutting down the amount of olive oil I used.  Somehow I ended up with fourteen pieces of shortbread from my half batch of shortbread.  Two of these triangles worked out at 7pp.  Although I enjoyed the shortbread, the dressing didn't really work for me.... and I'm loathe to use so many points on something I'm not that bothered about.

I also had this experience while making... so I've had better makes: -
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 Simon Rimmer's The Seasoned Vegetarian is one of my favourites - some unusual recipes that I love.  Reminds me that I really ought to have a go at the gumbo again, propoint the spicy beans and spuds... just avoid the Puy Lentil Casserole...

Psst, KneadWhine turns two next week.  I have no idea of how to mark it at all.  Time to get my thinking cap on!

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