Brie and Greens Soup

Sunday, 24 May 2015
I have ummed and ahhed over what to call this but ultimately, it's green and it features Brie. I was swayed away from Green Brie soup but it was tempting!  It's a beautiful green and the brie adds an interesting flavour note.

I'm often asked how Roo does with sloppier food.  I have two choices for her - either dipping bread into it or on a spoon.  This is thick enough that she can do quite well with either option.  She actually liked this so much that I'm not sure she had all that much of the bread - just sucked the soup off of it.  It's been so nice to start up Sunday Soup again.

This is another one of those super fast recipes.... which is what I'm all about at the moment!

Stats: - six servings at five propoints per portion.

one leek - with the tougher green end discarded and sliced finely
one onion roughly chopped
one large courgette (around 150g)
a head of broccoli finely sliced, around 300g (you should have 450g of courgette and broccoli together)
1.1 litres of vegetable stock (low salt if you are making for babies)
400g of potatoes, peeled and roughly chopped
200g of brie, with the rind removed and chopped into chunks

Put all of the ingredients except for the brie in a large pan and bring to the boil.  Simmer for fifteen minutes.

Blend using a stick blender and return to the hob.  Stir through the brie, melting it.  Serve with a decent sprinkling of pepper and garlic salt for the adults.

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