Summer Days Out with Petit Filous pouches

Monday, 22 June 2015
Hasn't the weather been amazing in the last week or so?  It's been a time when doing the school run has been glorious and the fact that we have quite a long trek hasn't felt like such a chore.  D has loved it as most evenings we have been able to go to the park on the way home.  

I'm not sure what it is about small boys and the end of the school day but mine and his two frieda seem to need a massive snack in order to be able to function.  I often end up taking him a couple of different things - sometimes Graze snacks, sometimes apples and sometimes his new favourite thing - salt and vinegar crisps.  Recently Petit Filous launched a new range of pouches and I, well more appropriately D, got to try them out.  

So we combined two things - a visit to the park and a taste test!  He was a little hesitant at first.  For him, pouches mean baby food.  He was worried that I was trying to feed him something that Roo has.  Once he realised that there is a bit of sugar within it and she can't have it, he was all over it.  

The pouch makes it pretty convenient - I can sling it in the basket under the buggy and it is unlikely to explode.  It's easy to open, easy to slurp and has no issues with trying to store that spare spoon.  Honestly - I always end up finding spoons secreted in the cool bag.  

Then it was on with the test - D was so busy drinking it that he couldn't even smile!  He went straight for the apricot flavour but really enjoyed the raspberry and the strawberry flavours on subsequent days.  It disappeared very quickly though which tells you just how much he loved it.  He saw it as an excellent treat and it helped to fuel him for his park trip.

He made a bee line for this - and then amused Roo ever so much by jumping on and off of it.  I have no idea why she finds him darting about so funny but it's hilarious to watch and he clearly revels in being such a source of enjoyment for her. 

Then D got a bit of a chance to bounce on the trampoline and I gave Roo a bit of a chance to play on a mat with her toys on the grass.  Of course the grass was way more interesting.  I'm really loving the fact that we've switched to some of the 9-12 month clothes now - I found some great pieces earlier in the year that are just perfect for the sun, including this great little dress from Sainsburys.  

We finished off with just one more go on the swings.  

A great trip out for all - I love these little excursions on our way home.  I can't believe how different it's going to be all too soon - I'm back at work in a few weeks and these opportunities will be a bit more limited.

Disclaimer: I was sent vouchers to buy Petit Filous pouches.  All words and opinions my own - and D's!

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