Top ten Autumnal soups

Monday, 26 October 2015
It's definitely that time of year that soup needs to feature on the schedule as much as possible.  So I thought it was a good time to share some of those soups that I recommend from  here and from other places.  Some soups I'm desperate to get making as the evenings get darker and Christmas draws nearer.  Hopefully you will find something that appeals to you!

First up is this perfect for Halloween soup - Spooky soup is still something that D remembers and talks about, even a year later.  I think it might be time to give it another try.

Next up is this fantastic Thai cauliflower cashew soup from Celery and Cupcakes.  It features one of the best things - roasted cauliflower and it's really easy to make.  This one is definitely going on the meal plan soon!

Continuing with the nutty theme, I'm intrigued by this Peanut soup from Emma at Supper in the Suburbs.  It also features my favourite citrus fruit - lime.  I'd guess it tastes a bit like satay in a bowl.  Nom.

Another slightly unusual take is this Caramelised Courgette Soup from Fab Food 4 All.  It's a soup over my own heart - I love thick soups and this one would last well for the whole working 'week'.  

I have to admit that although I LOVE mushroom soup, I haven't attempted to make it yet.  For some reason I worry that it will end up tasting a bit soggy as my ability to fry mushrooms is a bit so so.  This Garlic Mushroom soup from the Crafty Larder makes me think it is time to be brave.  

One of my most popular recipes is this Mexican chickpea soup.  It's a bit of a cheat because I reckon it's a good summer soup... or a good spring soup... basically, I'm telling you that you should have it year round.  Several times.  It's that good.  

It's definitely worth your while spending some time at Utterly Scrummy.  Her 'Bubs' and Roo are of a very similar age and she's been a great person to communicate with in those early weeks.  I am amazed by her output given her four children and all of the juggling that entails.  This recent post for Beetroot and Autumn Vegetable Soup is simply stunning.  

Carrots are a hardy vegetable - earthy and hardy through the winter months.  One of the few that grows reliably throughout.  This Carrot and Cumin soup is bound to warm you up and sustain you on those chillier days.

You can't have a list of soups for Autumn without including squash.  This Roasted Squash Soup from Rough Measures doesn't just include roasted squash but has lentils to beef it up and dukkah, a fragrant powder to sprinkle on top.  

You know how I said up there that roasted cauliflower is the best?  It is.  My final offering is this smoky soup is fantastic - full of paprika and cayenne.  I can't wait to make it for Roo and see how she feels about it!

What's your favourite soup for this time of year?

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