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Friday, 1 January 2016
2015 has been a quieter year for KneadWhine.  Going back to work, having two children and trying to move house has made it difficult to cook, write, photograph.  I'm really optimistic and hopeful that 2016 will see me with a little more time.  I'm certainly excited about the new kitchen we'll have.  The space!  We'll have a dishwasher too which will be very helpful... and maybe a bit of space for a few new props.

So, top five posts of 2015 instead of ten.

In fifth place, this cauliflower and chickpea curry appears to have gone down well!  I can see why.  It's one of those meals that I'm going to make a huge batch of once we move and fill the freezer with - cheap, nutritious and flavourful.

In fourth place were these Veggie muffins I made for Roo in her earlier days of baby-led weaning.  I really ought to get a few more batches of these on the go and in the freezer to take along on those days when I'm reaching for berry rice cakes or Organix bars - not bad choices but homemade would be even better.  

In third place was my Review of the Diner at Butlins Minehead.  I'm really looking forward to another family holiday at Butlins this year.

I had a go at hosting a blog challenge this year - taking on Pasta Please from Tinned Tomatoes.  This was my second most popular post of the year.  There was a good range of entrants and I really enjoyed finding some new blogs to read as a result.

The top post, I'm really pleased to say, is this review of Leigh's baby sensory class.  I love that post - the links between D's babyhood and Roo's babyhood.  I was sad when it was time to move Roo on from Baby Sensory - but I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to take her.  She's getting close to moving up to Tumble Tots now as she's started making those first tottery steps.  So very exciting!

Happy New Year KneadWhine readers - I wish you all the best for the year to come.

My top posts of 2014 are here if you're interested!

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