Brie and avocado toasted sandwich

Wednesday, 3 February 2016
I am pleased and relieved to say that the exchange on the house finally went through last week.  It feels like the whole process has been extremely long - in part because we almost put the house on the market six months before we actually did.  It feels like we've been talking about this move forever.  I've actually been talking about it for more like four years.  It's always about the next big plan for me.    Having said that though, I reckon we can just enjoy the next while.  Well... until the discussions about extensions start...

We'll be in just before half term, so now the organising begins.  This seems to include rather more hold music than I'd like.  

I celebrated the news with a brie and avocado toasted sandwich.  My current favourite combination for a bit of a decadent treat.  It's not really a recipe but you can have it anyway.

Toast two slices of white bread.  Butter one side of one piece and on top.  Slice half an avocado and lay on top of the buttered bread.  Top with slices of brie.  A few grinds of black pepper and chilli garlic salt make it.  All decent toasted sandwiches should feature a little salt and pepper.  Fact.  Place the other slice of toast on top and press down a little.  Not so much that the filling oozes out but just to help it to all cling together.  

I reckon it could work quite well in a toasted sandwich maker too.  I'd tell you it was good for Roo - but she didn't get a look in!

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