Chinese New Year event

Friday, 19 February 2016
Before anything else, I can finally share that we actually moved.  It's an amazing feeling - although we still have way too many boxes around us we are making reasonable progress.  We've already re-mortgaged in order to buy a load of furniture from Ikea and the kids seem well settled already.  I expected Roo to find it hard being in her own room and in new surroundings but she's slept better in the last few nights than she has in almost a month.  Maybe she's been struggling with constant changes/teething or something else.  They've enjoyed exploring the house - Roo particularly loves the shower and D's delighted to discover that we have a Simpson's Monopoly that was languishing in a cupboard at the old house.  He's also enjoyed entertaining a friend today - something that we rarely achieved in the old house.

Two days after  moving in, we shut the door on it all and went to Trafalgar Square to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  2016 is the year of the monkey and Amoy invited me along to their VIP tent to celebrate.  D was really nervous about having his face painted, so I stepped in - I was impressed with the work of the face painter and I've not had mine done for years.  D finally agreed to have a lantern on his hand.

We enjoyed fortune cookies and D received a particularly cool bottle of soy sauce, featuring the year of the tiger as he was born in that year.  

D loved these crisps that were on offer - they seemed to feature paprika and were very moreish adults too!

Roo slept through it all - but I couldn't resist taking a picture of her with a monkey.

We also met Emma from Supper in the Suburbs who wisely advised us to avoid Chinatown.  Given the crowds we experienced at Trafalgar, that seemed a good idea.  

After our time in the tent we had noodles and wandered around the National Gallery for a bit - Roo enjoyed walking from room to room.  We then went for a coffee shop stop - but that's for another post.  

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