Strada's kids menu

Wednesday, 30 March 2016
I like Strada.  Partly because it's the place where I proposed to Mr K.  I like their food.  Their risotto is always good and they have a good selection of wines.  I sometimes find their dessert menu difficult to navigate - weirdly none of the options really shout 'pick me' at me.  I also sometimes find the service is a bit hit and miss... but yet I can't help but love it.

Yesterday I went with a friend and her daughter to try out their new kids menu.  I really like that it stays true to its adult menu - no sign of fish fingers here.  D finds it hard to see beyond fish fingers (or 'goujons') when they are on offer.  I also liked the emphasis on fresh vegetables.

So, the first key detail is whether or not the activity pack is any good.  It's not as good as Carluccio's, in my opinion, but it's pretty close.  The sticker sheet provided had lots of little stickers.  Roo really enjoyed sticking them all on top of one another mostly.  The idea was to create a new pizza - although toppings available included beans and gummy bears... for D, it was too tempting and he had to stick these strange options on.  Although it was already pretty strange as it featured bacon and olives...

Then it was time for the food.  The starters arrived pretty promptly which was ideal.  D opted for the garlic flatbread.  This was a decent portion size for a five year old.  I may have helped him out with it a little bit.  I love that this shot features his current favourite item of clothing - his spiderman shoes.

Although Roo is now able to make choices over what she wants for breakfast, I still make choices for her.  Having said that though, she was very happy with these veg sticks with tomato dip.  She's currently a complete monster for dips.  Something I managed to hold D off on for some time is just not possible when she can see everyone else having them.  The good thing about this is that it's a homemade tomato sauce, meaning that hopefully it's lower in salt and sugar than another red dip I could mention...  I really liked that tomatoes were on offer to dip too - a new one on me!

The mains took a little longer to come out but given that tummies were a little filled with starters, that was no problem.  D still had enough of his activities to do and Roo was taking her time on her veggie sticks.  D opted for the margarita pizza and polished off 2/3 of it.  Again, portion size was large.  I did think a little more mozzarella would have been nice but he was pretty happy with it anyway, commenting on the bubbles of cheese sprinkled across the pizza.  

Roo had the risotto which I was really impressed with.  She polished the lot off - and I can't blame her.  It just seemed a slightly smaller version of the adult one.  She loved it... and so did I.  I'm not sure I've seen risotto on the menu for kids before.  

It also came with these little salad bowls for all of the kids - quite an impressive amount really - although sadly, I'm not sure any of the children really made a start on these.  

... and finally, the desserts.  Roo was given a fruit salad (and then shouted mummy at me until I gave her my ice-cream) and D had... well... 

... this.  It's a chocolate and hazelnut pizza.  To me, it looks awful but for D, it was like all his dreams came true.  Unbelievably, he ate all of it.

He walked home with chocolate on his nose, declaring that he didn't care.

I was mostly pretty impressed with the offering for children.  They currently have an offer on for a £1 kids meal deal with an adult main course purchase.  For £1, this was extremely good value.  At its non promotional price of £6.75 including a drink, it's perhaps a little pricier than some other deals but still reasonable value.

How are the Easter holidays going for you?

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