Happy Birthday KneadWhine

Wednesday, 22 June 2016
Hey.. so as ever, the blog got a bit quiet in the end of May/beginning of June as the busy bit of the year happens.... and then things slid a bit further as I felt just a bit tired.

While I was away, KneadWhine turned three.  Three years since I decided to come back and share the things that my family eat and the places we go. In honour of this, here are the posts that you've been checking out the most this year.

Back soon with some new stuff - saag paneer and veggie pilaf coming your way soon.

First up, is a curry that really hit the spot - a cauliflower and chickpea curry that is good for propoints and not so spicy that it can't be enjoyed by the kids.

Second is this garlicky leek and mushroom  pasta sauce that is quick and based on a recipe from one of my favourite bloggers.  Now if only I could get both leek and mushrooms in my veg box at the same time...

These Hasselback Aubergines are most popular with me and Roo - in fact, there are currently many ways in which the household is split between the boys and the girls - although that may well change once she gets a bit older.

Our Review of TGI in Reading seems to have been fairly popular too.  Seems like ever such a long time ago now - before the house move and while the sale was inching forward.  Hopeful for a pre-Christmas move at the time.  Given that we finally moved mid February that seems somewhat naive now but there you have it.   Probably worth noting that we haven't been back since then.  Kind of its own damning indictment I guess.

The final most visited post of the year was the one where I got to see a gig, for that band that I always go to see and have seen once since and planned to see another time in September.  Yes, it's probably a problem.  It gave me an opportunity to introduce one of my favourite people (also a massive fan of these guys.) to one of my favourite pizza chains.  Well Hello October!

The common factor is the 'I'm sorry it's taken a while but here I am again!".  I'm just going to have to accept that that is the way things are and stop apologising for it.  Or post more regularly.

Anyway - thanks for being part of KneadWhine for another year.  It's been great.

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