Roo is 2!

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Let's not draw attention to that hiatus.  You know how things are.  You sort of lose track of things in the summer, completely consumed by keeping the kids entertained with a wide variety of activities (and perhaps maybe wishing away the penultimate week but then wanting the last week to last forever) and then you start a new job and can't find five minutes to do anything other than the new job.

It's been a busy half term but I've almost reached the end of it.  Almost.  I have to say that I'm really enjoying it.  It was just the right time to make a move and while I desperately miss my ex-colleagues (some of whom take a nosey around here from time to time), the decision was completely the right one.

Anyway.  In my absence, I progressed through my early thirties (shh at the back!) and, more importantly, Roo turned 2.  When I'm not obsessed with pictures of the backs of my children holding hands - there really isn't much cuter in the world - I am absolutely in love with this photo.  It's taken at Greys Court

It totally sums her up.  She's such a happy little girl.  She's chatty as anything, although she's often telling D what he should be doing... or telling us that she 'need a coffee'.  I love this stage, the complete explosion of words but still able to be scooped up when she isn't quite so keen to do as needed.  Still little enough for a buggy some of the time but also keen to make her own way in the world.

She's started at a new nursery this year as a result of job moves and I keep being told she's a character.  I can well believe it.  I was slightly nervous that she might be about to drop the nap - we had a couple of weeks of really early mornings - but it's been a bit better this week.  I'm conscious that D dropped his nap about now - so I'm crossing my fingers firmly that she lasts out a bit longer!

So, her birthday.  One of these days, I really will make my children a cake for their birthday.

In the meantime, I'm relying on the supermarkets to do the job for me.  Roo had two birthday celebrations, one on the day after her official birthday (her official birthday was too busy for us to do anything) and one with some of Mr K's friends a couple of weeks later.  For our home birthday, we ended up with this Finding Dory cake from Waitrose.  It was reduced as it was close to its best before date but Roo was completely taken by it.  On the face of it, it's a bit disappointing, with bobbled syrup on the top.  The taste was pretty good and the cake was well received by all.

I really wish I had a better photo of this - but it will have to do.  Roo has recently become very interested in My Little Pony.  So when I saw this My Little Pony cake in Tesco, it had to be her cake for the party.  I really like that it comes with a little tube of icing so that the cake can be personalised. 

Again, the cake was received reasonably well.... and I discovered that I hadn't bought a 2 candle.  She's definitely a second child...

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