Gennaro Contaldo's Penne with Butternut Squash, Chilli and Rosemary

Tuesday, 8 November 2016
Recently, Bertolli got in touch to let me know about Bertolli with butter.  They also made me aware of a range of pasta recipes that Gennaro Contaldo has devised for them and asked me to recreate one to share with you.  There are some great winter warmers and recipes that I just know will be appreciated by all of the family.

Given that it's optimum time for all kinds of squash, I decided to make the Penne with butternut squash, chilli and rosemary.  It's got all the best ingredients, as you can see (even if it does look like it includes a bashed arm as suggested on KneadWhine's Facebook page).

The longest part of this dish is preparing the butternut squash - I'd recommend you make use of the microwave method if you don't buy pre-prepared.  For this, use a fork to stab the squash in a few places and microwave for seven minutes.  At the end, it's much easier to peel and cut the squash without losing a few fingers!  

The Bertolli with butter was excellent to cook with - it melts well and creates a creamy base for the pasta.  Perfect.  Also pretty good on crumpets as it turns out!  Here's the finished dish.  Extremely tasty!  I slightly increased the butternut squash as a result of having a larger one and I decreased the pasta content for our family of four.  250g is enough for us.  This also meant a decrease in the vegetable stock quantities - 400ml is enough for this smaller portion.  
Stats: Feeds one family of four

Ingredients: - 

50g of Bertolli with Butter
One large butternut squash, around 600g weight
One red chilli
six cloves of garlic
400ml vegetable stock
250g penne pasta
Four sprigs of rosemary
A sprinkle of parmesan

Find the instructions for the recipe here.  Be aware that less vegetable stock means less cooking time.  I'd recommend starting to cook your pasta at the same time as adding the vegetable stock to the other pan.  

Sometimes, you've got to make use of a bit of child labour in a post.  D scavenged all of these leaves from our garden. I'm really impressed - it made such a pretty Autumnal shot.  Kept him amused for a good forty-five minutes too.  Sometimes, it's the simplest things that keep children amused.  He was pretty keen to tell me how to style it too - making sure that the leaves were even and that all the right elements were included. 

Garlic, rosemary, chili and pasta.  Definitely a winning combination!

I reckon I'm going to make Foodie Quine's take on the spinach and ricotta tortellini recipe next.  Tasty!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Bertolli.  All views expressed are my own.

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