Review of Froothie Optimum G2.3

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Recently, Froothie asked me to be a Froothie ambassador and sent me an Optimum G2.3 to review.  Here are my personal thoughts and feelings on.  I've had it for a couple of weeks now and it's been well used so far!

It's a beautiful addition to the kitchen, sitting neatly between the coffee machine and the milk frother.  I love the red base - it's a perfect match for our kitchen.

The first function the kids wanted to use was the smoothie maker.  I made use of some frozen berries, a couple of bananas and some cashew milk.  Delicious!  D has been asking for one most days and I have to admit that it's a perfect way to start the day for me too.

The function that I was most interested in is the one that makes soup.  Less than eight minutes to make the soup that I take to work? Almost unbelievable.  

Keen to give it a go, I didn't really think it through and attempted a sweet potato soup.... but I didn't cook the sweet potato first.  What I was left with was a bit more like a vegetable juice.  Okay if that's what you were going for.... but it wasn't.  My second try, a roasted pumpkin and chilli, was a lot more successful.  It blends well, works incredibly fast and heats too - but some ingredients need a bit of preparation in advance.  I'm looking forward to courgette season to make some of my favourite recipes.

We are really keen on nut butters in this house - cashew and peanut are really popular with the children and I love hazelnut butter.  Again, it was quick work to use the machine to make cashew and maple butter and the smaller jug with rotating blades was really helpful with this - the blades help to push any unground nuts towards the bottom.  Really helpful.

I am frankly astounded by how quickly the nuts were turned into paste.  It has so much power!  

I also made peanut and coconut butter - perfect for crumpets and even better than my first attempt at making a nut butter.  As you can see, it's slightly more spreadable.  Extremely quick to make too.  I'm going to have fun experimenting I think... but possibly not as much as Roo and D will enjoy eating it!

One of the other functions that it's worth mentioning, is the way that it cleans.  Three drops of washing up liquid, warm water and a few pulses on the blender, and it's pretty clean.  I have had to run it under the tap a little a couple of times, but it's seriously quick and easy to clean.

Given the grunt of the blender, it's really surprising how quiet it is.  Perhaps quiet isn't quite the right word, as there is noise, but it is considerably less than the noise made by the Kenwood stick blender we have.

We are only a couple of weeks in, but so far, I'm impressed.  I'm looking forward to making icecreams and pestos next.

Froothie currently have a promotion on, selling the blender at £379 rather than £700 and offering free p&p if you use my affiliate link.

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